Capitalizing on nearly two decades of passionate hard work and determination, Omair walks the line between progressive house and trance, expertly crafting his pieces with a beautiful attention to auditory detail. He lifts you up to a higher dimension with infectious beats, strong rhythms, sultry vocals, and hand raising melodies that make you want to move your feet. The talented producer, DJ, artist, and OHM Music (Black Hole Recordings) label head has garnered support and attention from some of the biggest names in dance music from Armada Music to Coldharbour Recordings, Markus Schulz to Above and Beyond, EDC Las Vegas to Ultra Music Festival Chile. 


“Omair has been paving his career to new heights and helping artists succeed by promoting the very things that he has lived by: musical expression and innovative thinking.” — EDM.com

“Omair stresses the importance of developing a unique sound as an artist...He is motivated to stay ahead of the curve, and he’s certainly not afraid to try new things.” — Your EDM

“Omair Mirza is going to continue to come with the fire and take his place among the greatest producers in the scene.” — EDM Identity

“Omair Mirza brings in the almost nostalgic feeling chords, then dives straight into a hand-raising melody...which casts a beautiful and unwinding spell upon your soul” — EDM Sauce



Both the founder and CEO of the OHM Music imprint, Omair is a multifaceted talent with a natural aptitude for business. Distributed by dutch behemoth Black Hole Recordings, OHM Music is a platform for forward thinking artists and musical projects featuring dance music across genres, including Omair’s own upcoming releases.



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